FilitsaSougioultzoglou | Dr Filitsa Sougioultzoglou
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Dr Filitsa Sougioultzoglou

Filitsa Sougioultzoglou

High quality medical training, expertise and long-established experience in the scientific field of Internal Medicine, Diabetology and Nutrition medicine.

Dr Filitsa Sougioultzoglou studied at the Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki receiving a state-sponsored scholarship, where she graduated with first-class honours.

Medical Care and Treatment

Outpatient Care, Diabetes management, Nutrition during pregnancy, Nutritional Medicine

Combining medical knowledge with expertise in nutritional and dietary training, the doctor provides a holistic overview and tailor-made solutions in the wide range of medical conditions regarding Internal Medicine.

Direct Communication

Always at your disposal.

Always available to attend to your needs, questions and health problems. Contact me for an immediate answer to your problem.

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Medicine and Dietetics

The combination of long-standing experience with medical expertise in the field of internal medicine, nutrition and dietetics guarantees a secure framework to deal with both ordinary and complex health issues as well as tailor patient treatment and health regimens.